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Extending the Reach

ERP systems provide companies with unprecedented access and control of the data from virtually all business processes - from finance, to supply chain, to product configuration. Day-to-day access to this information is a huge advantage to any business, which is not to say that ERP is the only technology that a business needs.

The ideal environment is best-of-breed, an approach that allows companies to select the technologies and components best-suited to their purposes without facing compatibility issues.

With 20 years of enterprise software experience, Disus has become an expert at helping our clients achieve results by integrating systems, data and technology. Repeatedly, Disus has demonstrated that the integration of legacy and 3rd party systems is cost-effective, extending the functionality and adding value to the enterprise system. We're experienced at meshing external systems with ERP in such areas as:

  • Barcoding Systems
  • Warehouse management systems
  • Intranet/Internet-based systems
  • Legacy systems
  • Financial systems
  • Inter/intra-company EDI and XML transactions

Return on Investment

Integration by Disus can extend the reach of your enterprise system and increase its value - efficiently and cost effectively, helping to open the door to best of breed solutions on an incremental basis

Disus' Integration and Customization brochure.
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Software that Fits

Companies invest great effort implementing enterprise software in order to enhance their efficiency and achieve competitive advantage.

Frequently, these companies discover a conflict between essential business processes/practices and the logic of the ERP application. This conflict poses a dilemma for managers - modify the business to fit the software or customize the software to fit the business?

With 20 years of enterprise software experience, Disus has demonstrated that the second option, customization, can result in significant business benefits.

Customizations implemented by Disus harmonize the requirements and strengths of the clients' business with the requirements and strengths of the ERP application. With a deep understanding of both these realities, Disus is able to help clients implement enterprise software in ways that meet business needs yet retain the benefits of the software. We're experienced at meshing business needs with ERP in such areas as:

  • Finance
  • Manufacturing including automotive aerospace and defense
  • Product Configuration
  • Distribution
  • Service

Outside the Box

The case of the 'virtual single company' (VSC) illustrates how Disus helped a client harmonize their business practices with ERP software.

An efficient single company/multi-site organization is difficult to implement 'out-of-the-box'. An exchange of goods between two facilities can only be implemented as 'buy' and 'sell' transactions between separate Baan companies. This constraint results in complexity and excessive overhead and paperwork.

Disus' solution for a client facing the dilemma of 'Business vs Software' used our expertise to create a virtual single company by means of a small, extremely efficient customization. Through the VSC, multiple locations and facilities conduct virtual intra-company, instead of inter-company, transactions. The client preserved their flexible business methods while gaining the many benefits of the ERP application. Small wonder the client touted their VSC implementation "the most cost-effective IT project we've ever done."

Efficient customizations such as the VSC produce significant benefits. And the care taken by Disus to make customizations small and localized minimizes the long-term maintenance and upgrade costs that often go hand-in-hand with customizations.

VSC is just one of many Disus customizations that help our clients benefit from enterprise software and improve the return on their investment.
Discover the value of experience.

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