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Implementing an ERP system can be a painful experience for many organizations. ERP methodologies are complex and appear uncompromising in addition to being long-term and expensive. When corporate goals and business climates change, ERP may seem inflexible and commitment sometimes falters.

Whatever the reason, many companies find themselves with ERP implementations that are not performing to their expectations. Facing the dilemma 'change the Business or change the Software' companies struggle to change their business or live with what they have - incurring pain for their effort. Many of the common sources of frustration in implementing and living with ERP revolve around:

  • Organizational representation through multi-site, multi-company design
  • Manufacturing master scheduling & shop floor data collection
  • Inventory management - internal/external supply chain optimization
  • Data flow design (demand, dates, BOMs, inventory, dollars) - from logistics to finance
  • Leveraging the wealth of ERP information to facilitate decision support
  • Cost accounting - estimated vs. actual models
  • A/P, A/R, cash management optimization
  • Financial consolidation & reporting
  • Leveraging the ERP foundation in an E-business environment - order process, procurement process, service
  • Project lifecycle management - from goals & definition phase to support phase

It Doesn't Have to Hurt

Disus has repeatedly demonstrated that we understand how to harmonize clients' business processes with their enterprise software. Combining our experience in various business models, our passion to understand clients' business needs and expectations, and an in-depth understanding of ERP data/application models allows us to think 'outside the box' that ERP can seem to impose. With this knowledge, we begin looking for sources of friction - places where the business processes and the software do not mesh efficiently.

Once we locate friction, we identify the 'root cause' and suggest a range of possible solutions which will eliminate the friction - applying the extensive amount of 'hidden' functionality that ERP contains, tweaks to processes/procedures, customizations, personalizations, or 3rd party applications.

The end result is a more effective implementation that smoothly and cost-effectively meshes business processes and the enterprise software. Our goal is to help our clients understand and realize the total value of their enterprise system.
Discover the value of experience.

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